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Re: 3880 chip resetter that works

HotArt wrote:

Hi fft81 & Apotheker,

Thanks for the information on your experiences. I am new to this - installed Cone Cartridges & Ink for the first time a few weeks ago - so I am following everything I can on the subject.

So far I have not tried any resetter. The problem I have had was, when all cartridges were installed everything worked fine at first. Switched off 3880 for 2 days, when I turned it back on, the Yellow cartridge was not being recognized. I removed it (with some difficulty), put it back in and it works again. Too early to tell if problem will return.

It looks like the Cone cartridges are not really superior to the cheaper versions available elsewhere. One: you have some difficulty removing the cartridge, which is caused by the tuning chip somehow still hooks inside the cartridge slot. Two: problem recognizing your yellow cartridge (chip) is caused by the craddle somehow seems to bounce back and does not make proper contact with the OEM chip, which causes your cartridge not been recognized.

I have experienced both problems with the much cheaper equivalent of these cartridges and especially the hooking inside the cartridge slot worries me....unexperienced users can pull too hard in an attempt to remove that stucked cartridges....and bang: damage to chip contacts......

I will eventually want to reset my maintenance tank, I am hoping to get a resetter that will work well on both maintenance tank & cartridges. Hi fft81, the one you have does not seem to do a good job on the maintenance tank, Is there another one out there, or are all about the same?

(If the resetters are not working well resetting the maintenance tank, I will keep buying maintenance tanks and live with the savings on ink for now).

No you can still reset the maintenance tank with a resetter, but it must not be completely empty.....Below 15 % and you are out of business !!!

By the way, I built a hinged shelf that allows me tilt the 3880 near 80 degrees to refill the cartridges through the existing hole without removing them from the printer.

Nice, but not practical for us all. The designers of these cartridges should definitely make the refill hole on top of the cartridge and make it larger, so you can use a small funnel to refill the cartridges by just pouring in the ink and not using syringes. By putting the refill hole on top the cartridge, this will be an extra safeguard when the refill hole is not properly sealed and leaks. Note: the cartridges are pressurized during operation....Can you imagine the mess of the ink spurting out from that leak ? Also by putting the refill hole on top of the cartridge and the hole is not properly sealed, the pressurized air can escape by the shortcut between the ink pressure inlet valve and the refill hole on top of the ink surface. It will give you an error message on your printer panel, as the pump cannot reach the necessary pressure, but your ink will stay safely inside the cartridge(s)...

I have tried these cartridges and I went back to my old favoured I-refill systems, which has proven to be most reliable refillable cartridges I have tested

See these links:

http://www.nifty-stuff.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4746&p=15 (topic 150)

And this final link, where I returned to the I-refill system:


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