105 2.8 VR auto focus accuracy

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Re: 105 2.8 VR auto focus accuracy

My Sigma 30 1.4 is much sharper if i rack the lens to min focus first before focusing on the subject. This behavior is the same using it on a D40, D70s and D300S. I have fine tune at +18 on the D300S and get sharp focus with all 51 points even using a non Leonard/Nikon approved subject, including the human eye.
This is the only lens I have noticed this hapening.

qTran away wrote:

I get accurate focus if the lens acquires auto focus from near to far but slightly off focus if the lens acquires focus from far to near. The camera is D800E, tested many times on tripod on buildings at long distance (about 2 miles away), and not in live view.

Is this a tip to get accurate focus or it's just my lens needs servicing?


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