Started with the 20D and will stick with Canon but...

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Re: Started with the 20D and will stick with Canon but...

Now that Nikon has shown its hand with the D800 and D600, it's obvious that Canon went with the wrong strategy.

Had they instead made the 5Dmk3 a 30mp+ model, it would have also allowed them to beef up the AF and a few other specs on the 6D without a risk of cannibalizing 5Dmk3 sales. Landscape and studio photographers with a 5Dmk2 would also have more of an incentive to upgrade.

Charging a $1300~ premium for AF with the 5Dmk3 screws everything up. An entry level model (6D) has to be crippled to avoid competing with it since there is very little difference on a sensor level and a high res model (3D?) would have to be priced much higher than the 5Dmk3.

Truly puzzling.

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