X-Pro 1: FW 2.0 focus acquisition differences (AF-S vs AF-L in MF)

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X-Pro 1: FW 2.0 focus acquisition differences (AF-S vs AF-L in MF)

Hey everyone!

I tested the new firmware update this evening and I found that the new focusing algorithm(?) works differently in different camera settings.

Since April I've mostly used my X-Pro in the manual focus (MF) mode and used the AF-L button to trigger the auto-focus. This allows me to zone focus/prefocus shots while it still gives me the accuracy & speed (vs. finding the focus manually) of automatic focus acquisition.

When I updated the firmware today I wondered what all the "faster focus" fuss was all about, because my 35mm seemed to focus with about the same speed as before. Later I tested the focus in low light and it seemed like an improvement, but not a really big one. So I tested some more...

This time I switched the camera to AF-S (as opposed to my usual MF and AF-L) and finally realized that there the focusing speed there indeed seemed much better and reliable. I use OVF only.

After some "real-life" shooting tests this evening it seems to me that there indeed is a difference in the focus algorithm between these two modes:

  • I think the main difference is when the camera fails to acquire focus.

In AF-S mode the camera tells you it failed to focus rather quickly (red square), while in the MF AF-L the camera hunts for focus really long (I'd say more than 2 seconds). Meanwhile you can't press the shutter and even when the lens movement is finally over you have to press the shutter again if you want it to go off. With AF-S you can just try again since there is no "haunting" (or it is much shorter)

This "hunting" behavior in MF AF-L has been present in previous firmwares, but now I wonder (since the AF-S is much improved) if Fuji made a mistake and forgot to update that part as well. It bothers me, because it's such a shame and probably just an overlooked problem which might be easily fixable (because the solution already exists for AF-S).

I'd also say (but with lesser confidence) that the focus acquisition percentage is lower for the "MF AF-L" mode aswell - as if that part wasn't updated.

What do you guys think? (About this "issue", not me or "my free time...":))

Yeah I've tried working in AF-S mode now, with the AF-L to "stick focus"... but I really enjoyed that "MF" mode better, because I could also easily just turn the lens ring (btw, this IS much improved now) to the desired distance and zone-focus/wait for the "moment"... But how can I still use that now if I know the AF-S mode is more reliable to lock focus?

BTW: I'm really glad Fuji is fixing things but I fear this might get overlooked and that fewer (if any) updates may follow.... (the exposure comp dial still isn't working in manual exposure with Auto ISO and so on... but that's for a "Wishlist" thread I guess)

Also, I really love the camera (so it's not i'm never happy), it just bothers me that things might get overlooked and it would be such a shame...

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