Remember when we were proud of Canon?

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Robert Holloway
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Re: Guys, maybe I need to explain something

Nice post Michael

We have a similar history - I've been here for about 11 years and started with a Sony before moving to the 20D

I too could buy a nice used car with all my gear

Here's the weird thing. If I was starting today to buy a DSLR I'd buy Nikon. I don't think they make better cameras or lenses. However, they appear to be pushing the boundary, offering better value and producing products that have me excited. the D800e and now the D600 are both interesting cameras ast very competitive prices.

Canon seems to be developing cameras as marketing exercise and I'm just not excited about a 5D3 at $3500 or the new 6D. For sure they are good cameras, but they don't excite me to want to buy them.

The problem with these forums is that people take extreme positions. They're either fanboys or haters. It's sort of sad really.

Canon and Nikon both make excellent cameras. Nikon is just doing a better job with the innovation, value equation.


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