RX100: Any Lensmate Filter System Reviews?

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Thickness of mount and price are the main differences

The only really big advantage to the magnetic mount is that its an ultra low profile metal ring which you can hardly notice is even there.

The Lensmate ring is about 1/8" thick and while pretty low profile, its obviously there.

Also the magnetic system is $26 (plus $3 for a step up ring if you hack it) so saves you a bit of money over what Lensmate charges

I've had the Lensmate system for my S95 and it worked as described. Nothing wrong with it per say, but for the RX100 it wasn't an option I wanted to buy into again as I think the magnetic system makes more sense.

Quicker, cheaper, lower profile.

FocalPoint_L wrote:

Yes. I received the 49mm set today. The installation video and instructions were very good.

It works as advertised -- so far -- I haven't traveled with the camera over time to see if the ring that uses adhesive stays on the camera. But it seems fine.

I like the short-turn, bayonet mount. I don't see any advantage to a magnet-style version.

It comes with a small carry case and lens cap, which you only need to protect the filter if you leave it on the camera.

Now I have to get a 49mm CPL and maybe ND filters, or just use step-up rings with the ones I have. My tests today were with a 49mm linear (old fashion) polarizer I had around from the film/manual focus days, and the camera focused and metered fine. But supposedly AF cameras should be used only with CPLs.

One more thing, I tried a #87 IR filter and the RX100 worked for infrared photography with no hot spots in the limited tests I did. The image was deep magenta, but a quick grayscale and autocontrast in Photoshop produced a decent IR photo.


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