GH3 "new 16MP multi-aspect ratio sensor"

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Re: image circle not pixels

TomFid wrote:

The point is not pixels for each format. Differences of a few hundred out of 4000 aren't terribly important to resolution.

The advantage of the multiformat sensor is that it uses bits of the image circle that are otherwise inaccessible. You get about 8% more wide on a 16:9 landscape, for example.

That's not a huge deal either, but I find it significant when I'm hiking and only want to carry one lens

If I understand correctly, then, if the image circle(well, really the sensor) is wider than the traditional mFT sensor, then the FOV is wider too. I guess I can see this advantage for wide angle stuff. Does't that mean the lenses have to also be able to illuminate that larger image circle?

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