Old printer = Epson R800, New printer = ????

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Re: Old printer = Epson R800, New printer = ????

prcimages wrote:

I'm working on purchasing a new printer. As the title indicates, I currently have an Epson R800 printer. I've been pretty happy with its color output. The results for B&W prints are not as good, but useable for my purposes. I use the printer mainly for hard copy proofing of my work. Any final output is printed by a professional lab. I don't have a need (or the desk space) to print on 13" paper.

Epson does no longer offer a pigment-based A4 photo printing solution.

The printer giving you a quality equal to the R800 is the R2000. Same ink set (blue replaced by orange, but that's the only difference), same working principle (can do matte and glossy without switching inks), only that it's 13 inch.

Lower-end A4 solutions to look at are epson P50 (claria inks, dye-based) and canon ip4950 (chroma life 100+, dye based).

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