so now - I buy D600 or D800 ??

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Re: so now - I buy D600 or D800 ??

You say:

"What Im looking for is HD Video and higher ISO capabilities (than D300), robust built (a la D300), fps not so much of an issue".

The answer to your requirements just stated above is, without doubt, the Nikon D800 but only because of its robust build and the second point below.

Second point in favor of the Nikon D800: with the Nikon D600, you cannot change the aperture while in Live View but you can do that with the Nikon D800.

Check the following video that explains this second point: "D600 Hands-On Field Test" at

The Nikon D600 is also an excellent camera but the build quality of the Nikon D600 is not as good as the build quality of the D300; it was done by design for the Nikon D600 to basically create a much lighter and smaller camera than the Nikon D800.

The choice is yours alone. In any case, you are a winner because BOTH cameras will produce amazing pictures and videos.

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