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Re: .... also lacking of dedicated low light setting ??

Ben O Connor wrote:

[...]no low light (candle shaped) option ?
Seriously Olympus, whats wrong ?

Really? This is tripping you up?

Funny how everybody is whining and crying because the XZ-2 is not the end all be all super wonder camera with ALL the best features from ALL the best cameras...

And all that drama, oh my.

Did the S110 suddenly spawn with a 1" sensor? No. The RX100, an entirely new model did. If I recall, the progression from S90, S95, S100, S110 was pretty much that: a progression , ie: mostly minor improvements.

Did the Pany LX series see any super major uber upgrade the likes of which the XZ-2 crowd was waiting for? Hmm, no.

Canon G series: again, mostly minor improvements with each new generation... See a trend here?

As is, and I do reserve the right to revise my initial appreciation after a proper review appears, the XZ-2 is a camera I would very much appreciate and very much like to own. I would have preferred it to not grow in size, weight and price, but hey, that's that.

Whether or not I will upgrade my XZ-1 for the XZ-2 will depend on the reviews, eventual price cuts, and of course the competition - that Fuji XF1 looks damn interesting. I may just stay with my XZ-1 too.

In any case, the XZ-2 looks to me as a proper, natural and very good progression from the XZ-1, improving on nearly every aspect of it.

It would be nice if we could remember these are just cameras, not critical life important decisions...

But I have to admit, the drama is entertaining!

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