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tko wrote:

Three lenses and a dSLR are nothing. Repeat. Nothing. One bum bag and a strap. A couple of pounds. Not like a 40 pound backpack and your hiking to the top of a 12,000 foot mountain.

A "couple pounds"? LOL!!!!! Maybe for an entry level plastic DSLR + kit lenses and a 50mm. Sure.

I was thinking more along the lines of when I was shooting Canon mid-levels with L glass or even my old Olympus E-3. That E-3 was a 1.8lb body without the grip...add the grip, now we are at 2lbs+. Toss in the 14-54 f/2.8-3.5 (15.5oz) and 50-200 f/2.8-3.5 (2.19lbs). Now the weight is around 5 pounds just for a body and two lenses. Toss in a third lens (maybe) and maybe a flash, the bag, extra batteries, etc. Now you are lugging around 5-7lbs of stuff that is also BULKY compared to an X100.

You can call that a couple extra pounds and "nothing" if you wish. But for me and a lot of other people, the difference is huge. Now, if I'm headed off on a photo-centric trip (not with the family), sure, I'll take whatever I want and won't care about the weight at all.

For a family vacation, I'll take the little and VERY capable X100 anytime.

I think a lot of us have also driven our families insane with photo gear too. Lugging it around, swapping, changing, paying more attention to it than the family and/or actual scenery. I'll pass. Been there done that.

In Feb 2003, I spent 2 weeks in Germany traveling around. I took just the original Canon D30 (a whopping 3.3MP at that time was huge! LOL) and a 28-135mm lens. That was it. I was traveling light and was able to enjoy the trip much more than if I lugged along other gear. If I had an X100 at that time, I would have taken that. But hey, thats just me. Take the gear if you want...we all make choices and are okay with them

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