Need new battery for 5D (BP511A) - Do I get Canon brand ???

Started Sep 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
gdanmitchell Veteran Member • Posts: 7,730
Re: Need new battery for 5D (BP511A) - Do I get Canon brand ???

flyboybct wrote:

My batteries for my 5D all died... I need two new ones. The Canon branded BP511A is over $55. Anyone have any experience with non-Canon brands, like Adorama? I could save a bundle... Do they last as long?

I have a 5D and a 5D2. I had excellent experience with the Sterlingtek 5D batteries. I own several - they have been reliable and provided as much power as the Canon batteries.

(I bought several of the Sterlingtek 5D2 batteries - which are not the BP511A type that you are getting. I had terrible luck with them. Two were DOA and the other holds only a fraction of the expected charge. I will stick to Canon batteries for the 5D2 .)


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