Why Three FF Sensors?

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Re: I hope your wrong on this one

Tazz93 wrote:

I love the 1.3 factor, but can see the utility in a FF. Personally, I love land and seascapes so a FF in in my future, but I hope there will always be an APS-H sensor on offer. However, on the flip-side, I think the APS-C should be done away with. Seems like a one trick pony (yeah, I know it can be adapted) needing very odd focal lengths and specialized glass to work in the genre that the other two formats can easily share. However, I assume its the cheapest to create/develop, making it an manufacturer’s dream sensor.

Yeah it would be nice to have options so everybody can get what they want, as for myself, I will sure make the 1D2 as my first and last APS-H sport cam, hate that format, but I didn't have any better choice back then when looking for a sport cam with best combination of IQ, handling, AF system, frame rate.

Currently have 1D2, 1Ds2, 1Ds3, D800E, and I will pick one APS-C pro body right away if anyone actually make one, kind of like the old D2X type of camera with 1.5/1.6 crop sensor in pro body with top touch focusing system and frame rate mainly for sport shooting, or I can settle with a high resolution FF and shooting in crop mode when I am "focal length limited", I can definitely live with a 15-18MP crop file from 36MP-40MP FF in crop mode (or just crop it in PP myself) as long as I got the kind of AF system and body style of a 1D/D4. My D800E has the kind of resolution and IQ but doesn't have the body and frame rate I want as a sport cam, and the 1Dx/D4 has the AF system and frame rate and body but doesn't have the resolution for cropping, so still looking forward to see what is next to come, not likely to see what I want any time soon though, but I can always have some hope and dream about it.

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