Canon shuts down China factories

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Re: Canon shuts down China factories

Just a general observation. All cultures are different with differing regional infrastructures. For instance, some areas of the US have an aging power grid or poor road/bridge system or different environmental laws. But generally, you are less likely to suffer from unintended consequences closer to home.

California: fires and flood. Arizona: water shortage. Texas: hurricanes and tornado. New Jersey: Kardashians.

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That's always an issue with our new global economy. Whenever you outsource your products to another country, you are in danger of unintended consequences. Floods in Thailand, poor infrastructure, political unrest, corrupt bureaucrats, massive power failures (India), workers who have a differing work ethic, different environmental rules, creating unemployment in your own country, etc. etc. etc. I wonder how much Canon really "saved" by outsourcing to China?

I don't understand your logic. Couldn't all or some of those events occur in any country, including your own? So if one of Canon's factories in Japan is affected by an earthquake, let's say, wouldn't Canon wish it DID outsource the work done at that factory to say, Malaysia, which is outside of any earthquake zone?

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