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Re: Not much value?

Try ZERO value - I don't think I've used a JPEG mode in 5 years...

Hotphotons wrote:

When I first looked at the jpg's from the 5D3 and the D800 at this site I had to conclude the 5D3 looked better to me. Then I read all the comments regarding these being jpg's processed by the camera and not really representative of what the camera can do.

I downloaded the 6400 iso jpeg from the D800 and did a bit of sharpening, noise reduction etc. in Capture NX2 and managed to create a picture that to my eye is now superior to the 5D3 jpeg.

It would seem this type of comparison is completely useless as you can adjust how the camera processes jpegs. Am I missing something? Do others agree the D800 jpeg I created is now superior?

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