GH3 body only £1549 UK

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Re: GH3 body only £1549 UK

From my understanding, us UK buyers have to pay a higher rate of tax on anything that is deemed capable of professional video. That is a camera capable of recording video for longer than X amount of time.

Many get round this by instilling a software cap on the video time or the file system cap of 4GB files for FAT.

Since the GH3 has the capability to record for longer than 30 minutes it gets hit by an extra chunk of import duty. Which cascades through, increasing the cost before the next tax gets calculated and so on.

e.g. (these numbers are fictional and do not reflect any given rates of tax on these products)

10% tax at stage 1, price = 110%. Stage 2 tax of 10%, price = 121%, stage 3 at 10% and the price = 133%.

The RRP is currently high, this should drop when demand falls and the street price would be a more reasonable amount. So hold your horses and wait a little while.

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