So, it's probably going to be another GXR-M for me

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So, it's probably going to be another GXR-M for me

Leica announced that they would have an "entry-level camera to the M-system". So what do they do? They take the frame line selector and USB port out of the M9, and give it another paintjob. The new camera will be called M-E.

To be honest, the M9 was already old with regard to some things when introduced, for example:

  • ISO 2500 only.

  • 230K screen.

  • No live view / external EVF (this woul've been great for lenses that don't use the framelines, such as everything below 28mm. The M10 finally has this, as far as I can see).

And now the M-E will just be an M9 missing two functions and looking a bit differently.

They are even selling it at second hand M9 prices. The price will be €4250. IMHO, that's ridiculous for a camera that is technically 5+ years old at the introduction already. Pleople with that kind of a budget for camera's and lenses will probably jump for the new M(10).

The only good thing is that there is only negligible difference between this camera and a second hand M9, so the second hand camera has to come down even more to be sold.

And many people will get a second hand M9 to be in the "real" M-crowd. The M-E will probably get the same bad name on the internet as the Summarit-M lenses: "Cheap stuff for people who can't pay for the real deal."

To be honest, I'm disappointed in Leica. This is not an entry level camera. This is a rehashed M9 to be able to sell all of their old parts. I expected something like the GXR, but full frame, at a price of about €3000. Then I would've been happy.

If Ricoh does not do something new, I'll probably get myself a second GXR-M somewhere down the line, as a spare.

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