New Panasonic GH3 is a sham.

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Re: Great post, Aleo!

The multi-aspect and related stills and 16:9 video benefit have been a feature of the GH1 and 2, to drop it now and call it a GH is a total and utter joke, people who have neither owned a GH1 or 2would probably say this as they are clueless idiots.

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I would love to be a clueless idiot, but I can not afford the GH3 right now, maybe in a year when it will be available.

I don't quite get how much ego is going on in this forum about who has the best camera. It seems a lot of time is spend comparing specifics which are nice to have, but do not make me a better photographer.

When I chose a camera, I know some specifics will lack behind another camera.

So what..., it's like most things in life. I bought a camera this year and it works just fine for me, a couple of months down the road, a better camera comes out, the one I have still works fine for me.

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