Moving the AF point greatly helps with focus accuracy

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Re: Moving the AF point greatly helps with focus accuracy

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Looking at this makes me think, one thing that would be very nice would actually be something similar to the touch focus on other cameras but only to SET the focus point before actually pressing the focus/shutter button. Touch focus like on most of the new cameras seems nice but somehow I know if I shoot like that i'm most likely to be moving the camera when I touch the screen.

If you could touch the screen, then press the shutter so it focuses at that point and takes the shot, that would be very nice.

I don't have the fuji yet but I know on my GF1 I find it annoying and slow to move the focus point with the buttons, I basically always use focus/recompose. I'm surprised that slightly rotating the camera would have such a big impact on focus point. I would've thought it would maybe move 1-2cm at max, so you'd need some pretty shallow DOF to see a difference?

What your referring to is probably touch to focus. Works extremely well on my OMD, there are essentially two settings, one is touch to identify the focus point and half press or full press the shutter to take the shot. The other basically takes the shot based on the selected focus point on the touch screen. I generally use the first method.

While getting use to the standard directional buttons to move the AF point around on the Xpro, this particular function is really useful on the Oly. Anyway there is never a perfect camera. Love them both.

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