Can any compact format fullfill this need really well ??

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Re: From all the "cropped" formats...

thesurfguide wrote:

Had to have a dig what EVIL meant aside from the obvious.


I have found some decent deals here for the 30mm today, and it means I get to thoroughly use that, see how it performs, before later also testing some MFT items.

Great, have fun with it. Most people around here are way too easily driven by the latest technology (myself included) and I bet your "old" DSLR will also give some excellent pictures with the 30/1.4.

Its also going to be great watching how the APSC compacts like the X-E1 develop and what lenses come out for that format. A fast prime on that should also be very suited to the stuff I like and clear the DSLR bulk issue with very few compromises.

Yes, the Fujis are in general very nice. But don't only look at the specs and give some cameras a try before making the final decision. It's not always the camera with the best DXOMark ranking that also gives the best pictures for you. I for example also have access to some "higher grade" models, but won't swap my now very dear OM-D for any of these as my main camera, because it's such a breeze to use in whatever situation I throw at it (crisp and fluid EVF in darkness, fast and very precise AF/MF and exposure, handling, extremely good AWB, small and light camera/lenses, etc.). I don't say the OM-D will also tick most of your boxes, can be any other camera, but definitely use the camera/lens combination first. Spec sheets alone are very poor parameters for judgement.

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