rx100 very unsharp wide open at 28mm !?

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Re: You need a new hobby

tbcass wrote:

If you are looking to buy a camera with a zoom lens that gives better performance at f1.8 with a 20mp sensor then you either should give up on the hobby or be prepared to spend thousands on a lens and camera. It amazes me the way some people expect perfection from what is really just a high end point and shoot camera. I am primarily a DSLR shooter and the people in those forums have much more realistic expectations as to lens performance with lenses a lot more expensive than the RX100. Of course the other possibility is you are used to small sensor cameras which are unable to reveal flaws in the lenses they use because the imperfections in the sensor performance overwhelm lens imperfections.

Take a look at this site and you will see worse corner performance on lenses that cost more than the RX100.

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Yes an no. My scientific brain has to ask what could sony have had with a 1" sensor and a lens as good as the XZ-1(or higher end lens on an SLR type quality) in regards to sharpness. Of course, ignoring price and size.

Obviously, the answer is, a more expensive camera that is larger. Most folks don't want that.

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