Anyone buying APS-C is taking a punt now.

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Re: Yes, I am very sure about that ..

Up to your old tricks again. John King not taking the bait?

SergeyGreen wrote:

pinnacle wrote:

You would be absolutely correct except for one small problem with that assumption...You're going to need to stop sensor innovation and development in it's tracks...or else the image quality coming from M43 sensors will continue to improve, shot-to-shot rates will get better and better from M43, and so on...even the people needing narrow depth of field are getting more of what they want with the larger aperture offerings in M43 lenses...

Sensors get developed equally for all, so no matter how well the mFT gets developed the bigger systems will always do better. I don't think anyone has problems with this, it is well understood and agreed. Where I see the problem is is that the sensors are getting cheaper to produce, and larger formats are getting more and more too common. So at some point you will ask yourself, why should I use the glorified compact and not switch to the camera that will give me a more realistic perspective, recorded in more detailed and cleaner images, and at the size that is portable enough and yet comfortable in hand. There is no doubt many will come to this at some point. So the question that is looming, what do you do with those expensive lenses, they don't fit on anything else. I mean just look over at the FT forum, it is very similar situation.

And if there is no way "out", why are so many third party lens manufacturers now getting "in" (Schneider most recently)...?

They are getting in because there is a momentum, and they make money on it now. And the more of you they hook up to this, the better it is for the economies.

I just moved up from my old E-3 and 4/3 lenses to a Panasonic G5 (which is an amazing deal considering the wonderful image quality) and a bunch of primes including the stunning Olympus 75 f1.8.

See, this is what I am talking about. If this was for FF, 150 f/3.6 lens for €1000, why would anyone in their sober mind even want it? I am not out to tell you that you should not like what you have, I just do not see how I (myself) would possibly be finding any usage for such a lens if I found it.

You can wallow in your M43 angst, but I am going to enjoy the new found freedom from APS-C and FF bulk and weight having moved on to M43.

And no-one on this thread ever said that you should not.

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