Anyone buying APS-C is taking a punt now.

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Re: Yes, I am very sure about that ..

SergeyGreen wrote:

[...] and not switch to the camera that will give me a more realistic perspective, recorded in more detailed and cleaner images, and at the size that is portable enough and yet comfortable in hand.

You're talkig about a DP2 Merrill, right? Ehhm, no wait, that's also just an APS-C...

Anyway, unless physics itself changes or we find another way of bending light without the need for lenses made of glass, mentioned glass will always be bigger and heavier with a bigger sensor behind it. So until then smaller systems will for sure have their place as many people dislike lugging heavy equipment around just for fun, especially since the smaller systems made those huge leaps forward in image quality. I mean, just compare what kind of image quallity you got ten years ago from state of the art "professional" DSLRs with what you get today from prosumer models.

That said, cameras with "bigger" sensors will for sure get even more affordable (again) and I definitely won't push any future models away if they meet my requirements and personal taste, but the always prevalent factor of size and weight for sure isn't off the table for quite some more decades to come (when physical lenses become obsolete, if ever). At least not for the huge market of non-professionals.

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