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Quick summary of verbose discussion below - you are decided on the a65.
Consider the 18-135 as the kit lens to get with it.
This might be sweet spot for best value.

I sympathize with your OCD having similar and just gone through alpha 65/77 decision process. Went like this... i am newbie digital SLR/T user last film SLR was Olympus OM-1 circa 1974; been purchasing superzooms since 2000 - Panny FZ10, then, FZ-28 - 2005, Fuji HS20 - 2009 and tired of the lack of low light capability - inability to capture worthy portraits of my lovely daughter, and wildlife, birds and aircraft from the back deck.

Did not want to spend the $$$ for the a77, pursuaded that the a65 was best value. Did want the sal1650 lens for the stellar reviews, but it is moisture resistant and that feature wasted on the a65 so argued for the a77. Also did not want to miss any features in a65 decontented from a77 - additional joint in hi res screen and superfine jpeg photos. Also durabililty - 150k shutter clicks and expected better resale value (speculative).

Got the a77 with sal1650 - lovely & a joy to use. Lovely images - incredible low light shots - twilight mode, hand held ! Also got the sal18135 for the "betterdj" positive review, but was dissapointed in the limit of zoom for my back deck photography and dissapointing indoor shooting compared to the 1650 - going back. Did not want the sal18250 for the old noisy SAM motor.

Which brings me to point of my post - Sony site announces that the new sal55300 is shipping today - 18 Sept 2012. Early adopters please post reviews. I am a BH fan and not available from them till end of Sep.

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