GH3 spec: Light Speed AF 240fps

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Re: GH3 spec: Light Speed AF 240fps

hifi wrote:

I don't have the G5 so I cannot comment on its focus speed, but was wondering > if the 240 fps spec. on the GH3 will put this camera in phase-detect focus speed > territory of some DSLRs?

I believe it when I see it. I have a G5 and have/had several Nikon DSLRs. I believe the GH3 can actually focus faster than a DSLR...on static subjects. Even the G5 is remarkably good at that, specially the accuracy is really good.

But with anything moving fast I had better results with any DSLR, no matter how basic, so the GH3 really had to come a long way to be better than a DSLR at that.

Of course, it's always possible, and I truly hope it is. If it is, I'm getting one, that's the only thing missing in m4/3 bodies to make them perfect for me. But until then, I'll just live with the G5 alongside my Nikon DSLR.

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