Has Leica finally "Jumped the Shark"???

Started Sep 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Peter Vaktor Senior Member • Posts: 1,083
Re: For me, yes.

Why didnt they make the new M a classical rangefinder in line with its heritage and made the M-E the electronic toy with all the new features ...

And that was exactly the point of my original post!

Instead of improving on the M9 (and there was certainly room for that) they relegated their elegant, classical rangefinder (on which their reputation and legend resided) to a second tier position. To add insult to injury, they didn't even bother to upgrade it but just rebranded and repainted it.

The M-E should have been the go-between the X2 and the M10. That is, it should have been a modern version of the Leica CL with an OLED VF and screen with M-mount for all the M lenses. On that camera, live view and focus peaking and HD video would have been welcomed. But not on the iconic classical M!

As it is presently, the M concept is being watered down, it seems, by the demands of marketing pressure. It is neither here nor there. Leica does not have the resources or R&D to compete in the electronic world; certainly not in the price range they are in. They couldn't even design their own EVF but had to rebrand one from Olympus. For their flagship camera, they should have stayed with what they are best at, in a market where no one else can compete.

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