Which would you buy - money no object - D800 or 600?

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Re: Which would you buy - money no object - D800 or 600?

Until a few months ago I was shooting with a D300 and a D700. The D700 being my main camera and the D300 mainly used for longer telework like air-shows.

My main camera now is the amazing D800, which also replaced the D300, leaving the very fine D700 in the back-up role and for faster series work with de MB-D10 and EN-EL4 battery.

I'm just back from a few weeks holiday in England and Wales, for which I only used the D800. No issues whatsoever with critical sharpness; the camera is just as easy to use as the D700 (also in low light). I'm still amazed by the level of detail the D800 is able to reproduce.

As good as the D600 might be, and looking at the specs of both camera's, I would not hesitate to go straight for the D800 or D800E!

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