GH3 spec: Light Speed AF 240fps

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Re: Moore's law

My thoughts exactly! CDAF speed should be closely related to the processing power of the camera CPU. Isn't CDAF strictly a function of the main cpu in the camera? If so, then we should see AF speed improvements as the silicon gets smaller, more power efficient, and faster. I see how the CPU's in mobile phones are getting better at a very fast rate. Could Pany just use an ARM processor or some company like that to deal with the focus logistics and keep the Venus chip for menu GUI, jpg processing, etc.

SLOtographer wrote:

One advantage for CDAF design is that it scales with processing power. AF will be blazing fast for the GH3, at least in AFS. 240hz is pretty fast readout speed!

I believe EM5 had an evf readout of 240hz, but sensor AF is 120hz. The upcoming reviews will be interesting!

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