OVF vs EVF put to rest

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Re: OVF vs EVF put to rest

"I haven't seen any OVF fans tell EVF fans to "gt*o" of here, but have seen it from EVF fans."

I assume you are referring to me (and ignore this post if you're mnot). Way to skip over everything else I said and assume Im an EVF supporter.


Let me quote myself:

"It doesn't matter one bit which one is actually better because as Sony users we only have the EVF, live with it or gt*o, but stop making threads claming this stupid childish superiority to either one. "

For your info I support both and.....side with neither, I dunno how that post shows my EVF support...........anyway the brutal facts are that EVF is what Sony will do, so theres no point complaining that they will not do OVF as it will make no difference.

So...then why not go to a system that will, its a completely reasonable decision to switch, I would if my preference was the OVF.

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