I can hear the corks popping

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Re: I can hear the corks popping

Absolutely love this analogy!

stuntmonkey wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

at Nikon offices all over the world today.

All companies shadow each other closely and pour money into market research and product planning. A long time ago, when the development programs for the D600, 6D and A99 were started, they would have had an inkling that everybody would be coming out with affordable FF this Photokina.

In that sense, this year's show is almost like being in college, right after your last final exam and when everybody is congregating outside in the hall.... you find out who's done their homework (Nikon), who's now just finding out that they aren't going to be top of the class (Canon), and then you have the cool kids who try to march to their own beat,stay out of it as if it didn't phase them (Sony). Then there's Leica... based on today's announcements, Leica is like the kid who got hold of some old exams and studied as if there would be no new surprises on this year's test.

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