Post Photokina where does the E-PL5 fit into the scheme of things?

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Re: No Perfect System

Thanks, I have had a little more time to read and consider your responses and I see you both in similar positions to me. In the last 24 hours I think I have climbed back onto the fence but still want to get me feet wet with m4/3 (mixed metaphors, sorry!). I am travelling to Singapore from the UK in a couple of weeks and was planning to buy an EM5 there where it is significantly cheaper and where I have bought most of my Oly gear to date. I think I now have to wait a bit.

The E30 is a super camera and if it had an EM5 sensor and thin AA filter would be an ideal club camera, but it's bulky and heavy with its good lenses for travel, and the E410/510 are too tricky to use well. I am beginning to think the E-PL5 would make a good companion, with less investment than the EM5, and could be supplemented, if I like it, with an add-on EVF. I would need the 14-42, a 40-150 and a fast 20 or 25 to go with it. Or could I get away with a 14-150, on trek there is never time to change lenses and the good photo opportunities are often minutely transient? Now to think some more, do the sums and wait availability. I don't think the reviews will help much. The way forward eventually is clearly m4/3 though. And for some reason I just like Oly.

I'd welcome other opinions to add to the mix of course, particularly from avid travellers.

Thanks again, Peter N.

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