Dear DPReview, what is Nudity ?

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Re: DPR's definition of nudity


T&C says : You must only submit images that are safe for general public viewing, e.g. no nudity.

You (sorta) define it as : "Nudity or nakedness is the state of wearing no clothing."

What about this challenge entry of yours.
Is this nude?
Or is it not nude?

RaptorUK wrote:

boar wrote:

I perfectly agree with you!...But...

Scott said "I removed the challenge from being viewable in the homepage widget"...

It's sufficent to "protect the children"...And for those who dislike this kind of artistic expression is sufficient to avoid looking.

The rules are necessary but,when they lack clearness,there is our common sense.

There are a lot of photos that could be judjed unsafe for general public viewing...Not only nudes.And no one has raised a controversy.

It's impossible to list what is allowed and what is not.

I'm sorry but you are still missing the point.

When you submit an image for a Challenge you chose to agree, or not, to the Terms and Conditions. those Terms and Conditions specifically site Nudity as not being allowed. This is very, very clear. It could just as easily have said self harm or drug taking or some other example . . but it actually says Nudity.

Until those specific Terms and Conditions are withdrawn or changed they have to be enforced, anything else is unfair.

I have no problem with nudes, I have problems with a lack of fairness caused by rules that are not enforced. Why ?

Well, some people, mainly the kind of people that we want in the Challenges, self police their entries, they read the rules and the Terms and Conditions and where they see them saying no Nudity they do not enter a Nude. Then they see Nudes in the Challenge they were going to enter and think "how come" ?

I know it's just for fun and I am well aware that there are no prizes . . . but all the Challenges should still be fair to all that could enter. Fairness is achieved by giving all possible entrants the same information, so that no Entrant is given an advantage or disadvantage . . . part of that is enforcing the rules.

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