Welcome Canon sx50 HS - And DPreview you are first to break the news !!

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Re: Welcome Canon sx50 HS - And DPreview you are first to break the news !!

GeraldW wrote:

There's nothing you can do with the sensor to affect the lenses F#.

Ok, let's put it another way, it's been a long time since I did any optics, but getting f2.8 at the long end of that incredible zoom range is bordering on the miraculous unless they've shrunk the sensor even more (perhaps virtually).

I'm not saying there's any lying going on, but we all know there's a lot of clever stuff going on in all small sensor cameras to flatter the considerable limitations of the optics and sensors, and it's rare that we see images which accurately reflect the reported sensor pixel count.

At the f2.8/600mm end the Panasonic images I've seen from users so far seem a little too 'smeary' for my liking and my suspicion (and it can clearly only be that!) is that the limited light reaching the sensor is forcing them to make the sensor work harder to process that light, which may limit resolution more than usual and lead to some extra 'fudging' in the algorythms.

Of course I may just be thinking too much. It woudn't be the first time. What I'm observing could just be down to camera shake, and Leica may indeed be miracle workers.

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing detailed reviews of both the FZ200 and the SX50, especially now that the FZ200 has started to show significant price reductions here in the UK (429 v 550!). I might prefer Canon images (perhaps irrationally) but things like AF speed and EVF quality are even more important to me than performance at the long end.

If image quality was all that mattered I'd never leave my DSLR at home, but for me these cameras aren't cheap and I'll be using whatever I buy for three or four years, which is a long time in digital dog years. So I reserve the right to be fussy but -- hopefully -- fair.

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