Lensor vs Bodsor - Cat pic smackdown!

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Re: Hard to compare these

GXR A12 50 is certainly sharper than 5D, The picture of leaves shows fringing of 28-70 lens on 5D again GXR 50 lens does well and so does an old summicron. Not saying one is better than other, I have learnt how to use this canon lens to get the best out of it. For depth of field, you can achieve similar results to a full frame camera if you separate your subject from background.

With improving technology, the lenses and sensors are getting better year after year, but if you are happy with what you get from the camera now, I can say with confidence that you will be happy after two more years. GXR for sure can deliver better or comparable results.

It took me 15 min to learn how to use the A12 50, this is a big plus point which I like about the GXR system. All the buttons are where they were, once you get used to the buttons, it all comes down composing and clicking. If and when a new module is released, it's again a matter of minutes to get used to it. To me this is one of the key feature of GXR system which people seem to miss.

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