I just preordered a GH3

Started Sep 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
iano Senior Member • Posts: 1,267
every highly anticipated new release dissappoints

If a new camera is highly anticipated, people dream of the new camera. The new improvement that could be added.

Simply put- an unreleased camera is completely without any flaws.

But the real world limitations manifest in the shape of an actual camera with real world limitations. Every limitation is a flaw and of course some anticipated improvements do not arrive.

So as reality sets in there are always disappoint.

Beyond the real world limitations and missing new features, the GH3 has 3 perceived steps backwards, and backward steps are worst than omitted new features or real world limitations.

The three complaints are:
Base ISO now 200
Increased Size
No multi aspect sensor

The base ISO may be 200- but extended ISO at 125 is actually an improvement on the GH2 so this seems really an improvement and not a genuine backward step.

The increased size is a trade-off in return for more controls and improved handling with larger lenses. Over and over comments have appeared about how m43 is not suitable for use with larger lenses, now there is an answer. Small bodies still exist too- so now there is choice. A backward step but a forward step to compensate- again overall not really a step backward.

No multi aspect? Now this is the real step backward. Some may even leave m43 over this, everyone else will just have to suffer and live with it.

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