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Fallen back in love with the EVF

My first DSLR was the Sony A300. I loved the OVF in it. I was a real OVF fan and was incredibly dubious when the salesguy was selling me the A55. In the end it was only the fact I could return it within 30 days which made me buy it.

There was much I love about my A55 and still do, even though I now have the A77 too.

However, I always had this niggle in my heart that I should have not got the A55 and switched brands to Nikon to a 'pure' SLR with an OVF. Even more so recently with the D600/A99/6D announcements. To the point where I borrowed a D7000 to play with to see if I could deal with switching to the Nikon.

However, I've come to realise that the EVF has totally spoilt me.

Take last weekend. I was shooting a wedding with both the D7000 & A77. Lovely sunny day. Struggled to review my shots in the daylight. Sony, no problems...just look at them in the EVF. For events I feel the Sony SLT range is better to use because sometimes you only have seconds to grab that shot and being able to see the exposure in real time just makes it that bit quicker to get the settings right.

At night some friends and I went to shoot the night sky and stars. Popped my Sony on MFNR, use the in-built leveller and bingo I had great shots which I didn't even have to rotate in PP. OK...maybe I should have used RAW but I'm lazy!

Last night we tried to do some water droplet photography. Again the Sony was just ahead of the Cannikon pack. The combination of focus peaking & focus magnifer made it a doddle to get my photos in focus. All my OVF friends were squinting into their cameras like crazy. I just flipped up my screen a bit on the Sony and did it.

So I've come to realise that I really don't think I can go back to an OVF. It's like being used to the cockpit of the latest jet fighter with it's HUD then jumping into a Spitfire.

The only fly in the ointment for me is the handling of high ISO by the A77. That said, the gap was smaller than I thought with the D7000 but it was still a noticable gap. The shots from the A99 look promising so far but I will wait & see some objective testing.

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