Some portraits from Russia (Sony A850 + 85/2.8) Part 137

Started Sep 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
Poulsan Senior Member • Posts: 1,195
Re: Some portraits from Russia (Sony A850 + 85/2.8) Part 137

Super-duper fantastic images. As always, I'm amazed about the amount of micro contrast you are able to get. I have tried and tried. I have an a900 with all sorts of expensive lenses as well, use CS5 ACR. But no, I'm getting near-sharp only and at pixel peeping level I see smeared details. As soon as I see your resized shots, I realize you have done something I haven't a clue about how to conceive...

I have been doing AF micro adjust. I'm a trained photographer with years of experience. I know everything about how to choose the right focus point. Ah well.

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