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Re: Nokia 808 Pure View

Interesting, I've noticed this with my N8 too which can be a pain at times. It's easy to workaround it once you're aware of it however. Do other camera phones suffer from similar shortcomings?

ChinaM43User wrote:

The tip about shielding the camera from the light is very true, however there are some reasons why flare is particularly pronounced on this phone. I have noticed the same thing on my N8 and it seems inherent in the lens construction. I suspect that the limited aperture range combined with ND filter to get exposure settings right is the prime cause, and in the case of the 808 there is only one aperture setting: f2.4

Another thing to note is that this issue does not only come up when taking pictures toward the sun during bright daylight (which is considered by many to be bad technique), but is also very prominent at night from any light sources significantly brighter than the rest of the frame. Street lamps can even make taking a good photo difficult in some cases, and this is in fact my #1 problem with my Nokia N8. However, with practice you can learn to workaround this limitation. All cameras have limitations of one sort or another.

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