NEX Lens Lineup: Still need more lenses?

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NEX Lens Lineup: Still need more lenses?

So far, this is the lineup of Sony E-mount lenses for the NEX cameras and camdorders:

SEL-16F28: Sony E 2.8/16mm
With VCL-ECF1 0.62x Fisheye Converter and VCL-ECU1 0.75x Ultra Wide Converter.

SEL-24F18Z: Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* E 1.8/24mm

SEL-30M35: Sony E 3.5/30mm Macro

SEL-35F18: Sony E 1.8/35mm OSS

SEL-50F18: Sony E 1.8/50mm OSS

SEL-1018: Sony E 4/10-18mm OSS

SEL-1650PZ: Sony E PZ 3.5-5.6/16-50mm OSS

SEL-1855: Sony E 3.5-5.6/18-55mm OSS

SEL-55210: Sony E 4.5-6.3/55-210mm OSS

SEL-18200: Sony E 3.5-6.3/18-200mm OSS
SEL-18200LE: Sony E 3.5-6.3/18-200mm OSS LE
SEL-18200PZ: Sony E PZ 3.5-6.3/18-200mm OSS

I don't know about you, but these seem like quite a number of lenses for a brand new, from ground up camera system that launched just over two years ago.

We also know that there is a possibly constant aperture Sony G Zoom Lens coming sometime in 2013 as well. I look forward to that.

I personally would like to see a 75/80/85/90mm f/2 lens, especially the 85 f/2 lens.

Now, I present you with two questions:

1. What other lenses would you NEED? What angle of views are VITAL to your style pf photography?

2. What lenses would you realistically (not a 25mm f/1 pancake) would you WANT?

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