Can any compact format fullfill this need really well ??

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Re: From all the "cropped" formats...

rrr_hhh wrote:

This is a very bad advice : the F0.95 Voigtländers may produce very shallow DOF, but they are not native lenses and can't AF. In a bar people are always moving, not only the dancers, but also the staff [...]

Are we talking about the same thread opener? Of the 10 sample shots he posted, one main person is actually moving, the rest is static and most are even posing for the camera.

Please don't extrapolate your personal bar fantasies/experiences, but first have a look at what the TO is actually doing.

By the way, are you really satisfied with AF of most camera/lens combinations in very dark scenes like dimly lit bars? According to my experiences in dark situations, AF sometimes works ok and sometimes just completely sucks, even after having worked out the specific AF algorithms. Either way, in general I'm not slower having used MF in the first place when it's very dark. The real speed advantage of AF is definitely present in good light, but in darkness, when my Nokton 25/0.95 comes out to play I don't miss slowed down/missing/hunting AF at all.

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