New NX lens annouced

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Re: 45mm f/1.8 not a pancake...ugh.

hootsmon wrote:

Yes, I hear what you're saying. But my theory is the laws of physics are immutable, so can't see a lot of benefit in complaining about them

Oh, I'm not. But a 45mm lens based on a 25.5mm flange focal distance allows a lens design that only protrudes about an inch from the body. This looks to be around twice that big. Which probably makes for less optical compromises, but it also completely rules the lens out for people who need compact optics.

I'd rather live with a few compromises than not own the lens. I was also kind of hoping this focal length would exhibit less distortion than the 30mm, which isn't too bad...a little over 1%...but still, should have been less for a 45mm lens. The world will never know.

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