I love my 5d3, but...

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Re: I love my 5d3, but...

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I love my 5d3, and since I already have my money invested I am certainly not going to jump ship.

But, if the D600 sensor lives up to its Sony heritage, without the megapixel overweight and manufacturing/design defects of the D800 (AF, green tint, etc.), I think it will be a very attractive camera in its own right. At $1400 less than the 5d3, it will appeal to many categories of shooters. If you can shoot a wedding with a 5d2, you can shoot a wedding with a D600.

Take a look at the comparison between the 5D2 and Sony A900, there's not much there to recommend the Sony, or to brag about "Sony heritage." The Sony board is rife with comments about how the A99 users will live with higher noise than with Canon and Nikon users. Not sure that it's a recommendation for Sony sensors.

Well the DR and shadow noise are better in the a900 than in the 5D MKII and then consider the ugly banding noise the Canon exibits. The Sony clearly wins regarding this.

But at higher isos the Canon is one stop better. Newer Sony sensors are better. But the a900s sensor are quite good with better DR than every Canon.

I'd like to see some documentation of this assertion. DxO had A900 better at DR at base ISO, but as you moved upward in the ISO scale, its performance dropped of dramatically compared to the 5D2 for instance. (DxO seems to be down, at present, or I'd provide a link.)

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