Olympus XZ-2 now available for pre-order

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Re: XZ-2

Michael919 wrote:

Interesting. We're finally here after a few years of speculation and dozens of XZ-1 wishlist posts. Most of the wishes were granted and yet the majority of the comments are negative.

I'm only now just seeing the new model. Any word whether there is exposure lock independent of focus lock?

I think the flipscreen is a mistake. While useful in some circumstances like candids, I think the added bulk isn't worth it.

I can't wait to see the reviews!!

To be fair to Oly, when features on the 1 were absent, wish lists were aplenty. Now that they have incorporated them(ie, most) into the 2, it doesn't seem to be appreciated.

The tilt screen added 6mm to the bulk. As for the asking price, I think it will certainly face competition from whose who are sitting on the fence deciding between the RX100 and the XZ-2.

I personally tend to agree, let's see the in-depth reviews, and most importantly the real world samples...

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