The XZ-2 inherits the larger Li-90B battery ftom TG-1

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VLampa Senior Member • Posts: 1,030
Re: Noise Filter settings

Who are you to judge people who don't want to shoot RAW? It's a legitimate concern if other cameras are able to give you noise settings in the same camera class as the XZ-1.

As a disclaimer, I still love my XZ-1 in spite of its minor flaws, but I welcome updates for the better in future versions of it.

Knight Palm wrote:

Nah, this wining was mostly heard from 'JPEG only' wannabe owners. Shot raw and shut it up has been the cure during the XZ-1 lifetime.

I already mostly shot 6000 exposures of JPEG with my XZ-1, with raw as complements from the earliest days of the cameras launch in January 2011. The lack of 'noise filter settings' hasn't been a single issue in any of those 6000 pictures.

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