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shademaster wrote:

What might increase their popularity with me is if they actually RELEASE the 45mm sooner than a year from today's announcement. I would have been happier with a date. The other thing that would make me happy is some announcement about more flash options... even just a simple CABLE would make me very very happy.

OSS is overrated for stills, and I'm pretty happy with the 45mm ANNOUNCEMENT, I just wish the announcement had included a DATE.

I have to agree. I am excited about the 45mm announcement (I can accept that it isn't a 55mm even if that was sort of what I was expecting.) I would be willing to plop down the cash for this lens next month if it was available. I owned my NX10 back (and remember very clearly) when the 16mm was announced and I remember waiting and waiting for that lens to come out (was about a year, wasn't it?) I actually put my Samsung gear up for sale at one point because I got tired of waiting. Thankfully it didn't sell & even though the NX10 lags behind in some aspects, I honestly enjoy using it and I finally did get my 16mm.

I really will hope for a quicker turn around for the 45mm but, I won't hold my breath this time.

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