Got E-PM1 Today, Quick Photo W/MF Nikkor Used

Started Sep 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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larrytusaz Senior Member • Posts: 2,371
Got E-PM1 Today, Quick Photo W/MF Nikkor Used

Although I grabbed a red Panasonic GF3 last week ($120 body-only) after selling my E-PL1, I also got the Olympus E-PM1 (the Cameta refurb kit with 14-42mm II R) as well. It arrived today--on the same day the E-PM2 was announced, wouldn't you know it?

Oh well, I clicked on the B&H site and had them notify me when the E-PM2 is in stock. If I sell the E-PM1, GF3, and the two Olympus 14-42mm lenses (one being the II MSC, the other is the II R), I'm almost there. When the E-PM2 is in stock, I'm frankly inclined to do just that.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the E-PM1. The E-PL1 got me going into micro 4/3rds, and I loved it--but I am so far enjoying the E-PM1 much more. I love being able to "shift the numbers" in aperture-priority mode using the rotating dial, and I love having 35 AF points--and it focuses SO much faster, and I'm not having any problems getting it to focus on closer subjects instead of the background.

I already changed many of the settings (based on this article ) I used the "normal" picture preset but turned sharpening down to -1 & turned off the NR filter. I changed the direction of the thumbwheel so it goes down, not up, through the menus when you thumb it clockwise (I was NOT liking the original way). I re-mapped RECORD to magnify (and "quick erase" in playback), re-mapped right-arrow to WB (like the GF3), re-mapped down to ISO, and for playback set the scrollwheel to zoom in-out of the current image and for left-right to navigate through the collection of images (again, like the Panasonic GF3). I also did some "quick & dirty" shots with my original 14-42mm II MSC lens at various settings with ISIS off/on, and IBIS seems fine to me (but I do turn it off when the shutter speed is fast enough without it, just to make sure).

I have a Nikon to m4/3rds adapter from before, and an old 1980 manual-focus 50mm f/1.8 Nikkor I picked up at a garage sale for 2 years ago for all of $5. Here is a shot of our son whcih I took today using that eclectic mix of vintage & modern, 1/200 second f/2.8 ISO 320. I'm surprised at how accurately I manually-focused:

I'm excited about the E-PM2, and in a way kicking myself at having jumped at the E-PM1, but in the meanwhile I'll enjoy what I have. I have to say--more and more, I'm wondering why I even bother to keep my Nikon D5100 around, as nice of a camera as it is, & thinking I ought to sell it to fund other micro 4/3rds purchases like the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 and Olympus 45mm f/1.8. That may go double once I have an E-PM2 with the newer 16mp OM-D/EM-5 sensor.

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