"GH3 high-end movie-focused mirrorless camera"

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Re: Unrealistic expectations

TrapperJohn wrote:

Of course the GH3 is a video tool - that's what Panasonic said. Mic and headphone jacks? That has been sorely needed for some time. The larger body style should make for much steadier holding - especially needed for video.

The GH1 and GH2 have been the darlings of the indy video crowd for the last few years. They are likely rejoicing with the GH3.

Any discord here likely comes from the crew that wanted the GH3 to be the EM5 competitor. And it really isn't that. It's a video tool that can also take still shots.

Personally, I welcome any additional diversity that expands the viability of the M43 line, even if it's not directly interesting to me. More customers means better deals for all of us.

I agree with your general sentiment. The point of m43 is to offer new possibilities compared to traditional dslrs. They each have strengths and weak esses. The GH2 is designed as a hybrid or convergence device for video and stills. The more options for the format and the wider the audience, the better of we all are.

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