Pentax's 9th announcement is the long waited K-3...

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Re: Pentax's 9th announcement is the long waited K-3...

The fact that Sony have refreshed their FF line PLUS the fact that all we've got so far is a simple refresh of the K5 pretty much means that an FF is coming IMO.

If we had gotten an all-new APS-C K3, then that would pretty much mean we'll be waiting another 18-24 months for a possible FF.

But considering what we've gotten, then IMO, it is likely that we'll see an announcement soon, and we'll have a Pentax FF ready to ship by mid-2013 at the latest.

Of course, if the 9th announcement (of the rumored 9 total announcements) turns out to be the K3, then that means there won't be a new 24-70 or 28-70 FF zoom. Because then rumors would have said to expect 10 announcements. LOL.

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