Fujifilm S2950 defect

Started Sep 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Fujifilm S2950 defect

Hi. I had an S2950 I picked up extra cheap at a sale. It had the same probs with video as yours. That's 'normal' for many of the cheaper big zooms. The AGC alows a lot of noise and clicks/hiss to be heard when the background noise is low and the coarse cheap gearing on the zoom causes the the grinding noise when zooming. Many cheaper cams mute the audio when movie zooming or don't allow optical zooming at all when videoing for the noise problems. Also it loses focus lock when zooming until the zoom stops. Interestingly, I recently tried a more expensive basic Fuji 30x zoom (SL300) and it's much smoother (45 step zoom), quieter, and keeps focus pretty well. Obviously a better mechanism etc in the next model up the food chain. I sold the S2950 for what I paid for it and the new owner is happy as he doesn't take movies anyway.

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