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Re: Exposure. MYTH MYTH and MYTH

Mikael Risedal wrote:

Only a camera with a large dynamic range can reflect/reproduce the motif well and preferably with out banding and pattern noise

d800 to the left and one of mine 5dmk2 to the right

Although left one from D800 seems still usable at this small size for facebook purpose, but nothing worth to save for serious photography with pretty crappy IQ – destruction of color tonality and color accuracy, and noisy foreground. I can put a 3 or 4-stop GND to dim the sky while expose on the mid-tone that between sky and dark front, then I only need to pull 2-3 stops and will have a better photo from 5D2.

I only need to pull shadows in photos like this one moderately on my taste. I don't like highly contrasty photos that usually ended in the garbage bin.



I forgot bring GND in the trip. It's already sunset (below horizon). Sky was still bright while buildings were already in dark shadow. I had to expose somewhat on sky, -100% highlight recovery+software GND, +100% shadow lift plus +1/3 EV in LR4. Not bad. I could do better had I bring my 3-stop 4x6" GND then.

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